5 Search Engine Optimization Tips for Bloggers

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1. Target correct keywords.

Targeting the right, most relevant keywords is crucial in every blogging strategy, since it can
generate huge traffic to your web pages. However, many bloggers don’t do it correctly. Take
keyword research seriously. You should know the most in demand keywords within your niche.

2. Keep up with the latest SEO trends.

Even though you already have a high search engine ranking, it doesn’t mean that your good
ranking will continue. Search engines are always working hard to improve their results, and they
regularly come with frequent updates. After an update, your ranking can drop significantly.
Always keep a watchful eye on the latest SEO updates.

3. Write compelling headings for people and search engines.

Use your headings to rank well on search engines. You would be surprised to know that even
headings and subheadings can make a big difference in your search ranking. It’s important to
write them not only for search engines, but also for your target readers. You don’t need to be an
experienced blog writer to come up with good ones. It’s a lot simpler to write than you think.

4. Prioritize quality over quantity.

Some individuals think that the longer the blog post, the better. If you really want to improve
your search ranking, and earn money blogging in Malaysia, you must focus on producing quality
content. Quality promotes linking and sharing, and can improve your search engine ranking
instantly. Think about the types of content you would share or link. Publishing an article once a
month is a lot better than uploading 3 poorly-written ones per week.

5. Explore link building and guest posting.

White hat SEO techniques are important in the long run. Never settle for black hat techniques.
You can get links for your blog through guest posting and link building. Another effective way is
to find web pages with broken links. Reach out to the person who owns that, and then offer
replacements with similar content.