Month: August 2019

SEO Copywriting for WordPress: 5 Simple Steps for Newbies

1. Communicate to a rightful audience.

SEO copywriting is not just about making a nice web design and published content. You must know and understand your target audience well. Even if your website is already getting a big amount of daily traffic, it’s still possible that your posts are not getting the traffic they should get. Make sure that you are reaching out to the rightful audience.

2. Update your pages regularly.

This is an important SEO copywriting tip for beginners like you. Learn from successful copywriters. They also keep their pages updated with fresh statistics, better solutions and new ideas. Remember, the online world is fast-changing and dynamic. New ideas are blooming every single days. Keep up with the times.

3. Conduct keyword research properly.

Keyword research is an important ask for all copywriters. In order to look for the best solutions, people type in certain keywords on search engine boxes. There are two types of keywords you must learn about–focus keywords and long-tail keywords. Make sure to research more on this before making any final decisions with regards to your WordPress blog. You can also use keyword research tools to maximize efficiency.

4. Don’t forget to analyze your competition.

Competitor analysis is a crucial task in SEO copywriting. To create amazing content that stands out from the rest, you need to know the content of your competitors. Understand their weaknesses, strategies and strengths. That way, you can learn how to be better than them.

5. Better Headlines

Headlines are the very first things people see on a web page. There are plenty of local SEO services in Malaysia that can help you with this. To attract more people, headlines should be catchy, attractive, curiosity arousing and appealing.

SEO Content Writing: 5 Simple Tips

1. Use engaging subheadings and headings.

Are you looking for a reliable SEO service provider in Malaysia? You better choose reputable professionals who can help you create engaging content. Well, even before you hire an expert, you can begin applying simple rules to your blog posts. One of the most crucial best practices you can apply is to include subheadings and headings to your content. This will help break up your blog posts, making them easy to read.

2. Write compelling page titles and descriptions.

Through good SEO content writing techniques, you can improve traffic. This is the reason why you need to write engaging page descriptions and titles. Here are some tips:
Here are a few tips to use.

  • Mention the target keyword as early as possible. This can draw more attention to the results.
  • Describe the exact information the user would get once they click. Be straightforward.
  • Use emotion-driving terms.
  • Address your target audience directly.

3. Use LSI keywords.

It’s important to mention keywords all throughout your content. Keyword density is an SEO concept that stood the test of time. Since you are producing content with SEO in mind, you must mention your target keywords all throughout the copy. Just be careful not to spam your web content just to improve SEO.

4. Use bullet lists.

Bullet lists can make an information-heavy blog post easier to read and comprehend. This is the type of content many people are looking for. A long paragraph is always considered as a goldmine of details. If you want more people to read it, transform it into an engaging bullet list.

5. Use call-to-action buttons and statements.

For any kind of content writing job, the ultimate goal is action. Whether you are creating content for a homepage, landing page or blog, you would want visitors to take another step that will benefit you. This is the part where call-to-action comes in. Catchy CTAs can guide readers effectively.

Gambling Addiction: How Is It Different from Other Addictions

“Addiction” is described by numerous individuals, similar to a negative impulse. An individual with a dependence can’t quit doing the thing they are dependent on.

Not all addictions are the equivalent, and despite the fact that we are concentrating more on gambling compulsion, we additionally need to address different addictions that can overwhelm an individual’s life.

What Is the Different Type of Addictions?

There are essentially three classes for addictions:

1. Substance
2. Drive/Emotional
3. Social

A great many people relate substance dependence on medications, yet it can likewise be identified with: liquor, tobacco, physician endorsed medications, and inhalants.

Hasty/passionate sorts include gambling in scr88 casino, taking, and fire lovers (setting fires).

Social sorts include eating, shopping, erotic entertainment, working, and hairsplitting.

The one thing these addictions share for all intents and purpose is – control. An individual with a habit, gambling, or something else, is in subjugation to their enslavement.

The insane thing about this issue is – they don’t generally cover times. An individual dependent on gambling won’t want to set flames, and a fire lover won’t be enticed to bet.

Taking a Closer Look at Gambling Addiction

There’s a particular distinction between a gambling and substance fixation. Gambling is activated at a passionate level, and substance addictions are longing for some sort of synthetic alleviation.

The gambling air is about “feelings” and “energy,” yet liquor, smoking, stress, tension, and numerous different indecencies are all piece of the casino experience. This is one occurrence where the underlying enslavement can lead an individual into numerous different addictions.

Casinos burn through a large number of dollars every year, concentrating the propensities for card sharks. Gambling is not the same as different addictions in view of cash. Cash is the fuel for gambling, and the passionate surge originates from having your cash on hold.

Slot machines are structured with the goal that the hues and sounds draw in individuals to play; by than cash loses its worth. The tables convert money into chips. By doing this, the player loses their feeling of significant worth for cash; the casino knows precisely what they are doing.

Obsessive gambling annihilates connections, it destroys funds, and it can even reason an individual to end it all. Things being what they are, what can make an individual turned into a gambling someone who is addicted?

Since gambling is ordered as an enthusiastic/rash habit, we need to take a gander at different feelings that can trigger it. The specialists have recorded a couple:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Stress (work/family)
  • Personal Loss
  • Debt

“Novices Karma” Disorder

We additionally need to incorporate the “novices karma” disorder. There’s a characteristic appreciation for pain-free income and lotteries are one case of this reality. The multimillion-dollar lottery pools are an impression of the desire for getting rich, and this is the thing that drives an individual to the point of turning into a gambling someone who is addicted.

When gambling turns into a habit, it goes past simply winning; it’s progressively about simply playing. Individuals, who are dependent can be winning a large number of dollars and not stopped, why?

The reason is – love — the adoration for gambling. The period of losing and franticness comes straightaway, and this is the point at which the dependence can transform into a beast. Luckily there is a help, and there is help focuses holding on to help.

The Best Online E-Commerce Platforms of 2019

A lot of people want to establish their own online stores. After all, with the proliferation of mobile devices that are able to access the internet, more and more people are using the medium to purchase things that they want online.

That being said, in order for a business owner to create an online shop, they would need to use an e-commerce platform. For those of you who do not know what it is, it is basically a website builder that also adds e-commerce functionality as well, such as a shopping cart, the ability to implement different payment options, as well as store statistics that can be helpful to the business owners.

Today, I am going to talk about the best online e-commerce platforms of 2019.


One of the best e-commerce platforms out there, BigCommerce certainly has the features that will make your online store stand out. As the company motto puts it, “we support your business, not just your store”.

What I love about BigCommerce aside from the robust e-commerce tools at your disposal is the fact that you can create an amazingly beautiful website. Not only that but you can also add a blog to your website as well, which will allow you to put articles and other information that is relevant to the products that you sell.

Aside from that, this platform also gives you the ability to integrate different marketing tools and analytics, as well as giving you some detailed and flexible product management measures as well.

With support of over 40+ payment gateways and methods, there is no doubt that your customer will be able to buy from you without worrying if their preferred payment scheme is supported or not.


If you ask someone about e-commerce platforms, I am willing to bet that they will instantly talk about Shopify. That is because this platform has become a household name in the e-commerce industry and it is still continually getting stronger every year.

The thing about Shopify that really entices online business owners is its ease of use. You can create a fully-functioning online store in less than 10 minutes- complete with all of the features that you want to implement.

You can select from a variety of different templates and you can also customize other things as well. You can include a lot of different payment options for your customers and it is also Level 1 PCI compliant as well to help bolster your website’s security.


CoreCommerce is tailor-made for Small and Medium Businesses and the company prides itself with complete transparency across the board. What I mean by this is that there are no hidden charges and everything that you need to know will be given to you.

One big advantage of using CoreCommerce is that you can enjoy all of the features that they provide no matter what pricing plan you end up getting.

Of course, it allows scalability because you can upgrade to a much bigger plan when needed. It may not be as robust as the previous two options, but you can rest assured that all of the core functionalities of an e-commerce store are provided to you.

What Benefits Do Architects Get?

I could consider architects to be the unsung heroes of this generation. That is because their jobs are so important, but they rarely get the recognition and praise that they deserve.

They are the ones that are responsible for creating those towering skyscrapers, some buildings, and your home is even created by following the design that an architect has created.

That being said, they do not get the same level of salary to that of a lawyer or a doctor, though there are some architecture firms in Malaysia that will provide them with fringe benefits to help compensate for the lower salary.

Today, I will focus on some of the benefits that architects can get.

Health Benefits

A person’s health is wealth, which is why it is important that architects get health benefits considering their line of work. Some architects would work for long stretches to ensure that the building’s design is top-notch.

In a salary survey that was conducted by Architect Magazine, most employers would cover 100% of their employees’ health insurance premiums. Though, there are some firms that will cover only 70-80%.

There are also some companies that will provide fitness subsidies so that architects can be healthy by going to the gym in their spare time. They are also offered family-friendly benefits as well, especially when it comes to paternity or maternity leaves.


According to a survey that was released by PayScale, new architects typically get an average of 1.3 weeks of vacation time. As they gain more experience in the field, they are also given more vacation time based on their seniority as well.

For instance, people who have more than 4 years of experience can earn a total of 1.9 weeks of vacation time, while those that have worked 5-10 years in the industry are given a maximum of 2.3 weeks.

Anyone who has worked for more than 10 years is given more vacation time, averaging at about 2.8 weeks per year.

Other Benefits

Because we would all have to retire at some point, there are some companies that would match the employee’s retirement contributions and would offer anywhere around 80-100% contributions as well.

There are also some firms that would hire new architects, as well as pay for their growth and development by giving them a master’s degree and reimbursement of education credits.

Disability coverage is also covered, though, not all companies provide such benefits. You can get a 401 (k) retirement plan is usually supported by most, if not all architecture firms.

Other less common benefits may include vision insurance, short-term disability, a pension plan, and even life insurance as well.

In more established companies, you are either given a smartphone, a car, a house, or all of the above.