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Why Doing MLM Business Is Frowned Upon

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When you hear the word ‘MLM’ it gives out an eerie vibe as doing MLM business is often frowned upon. Don’t get us wrong, doing an MLM business is actually sustainable and doable. But it is not easy. In this article, we will explain to you why MLM business is frowned upon.


How does MLM business work?

How does MLM business work? MLM business is where person A has to find a ‘downline’ in order to start earning money. Person A has the recruit, someone, to do the direct selling. Then, the new recruit has to find someone to do his direct selling, then that’s where the first person can start earning money. It is never-ending of finding a downline to continue your cash flow. 

And, it is not easy to do MLM business especially if you just started out. The reason for this is that you have to have a lot of contacts in order to make things work. Not just that, you are also required to do a lot of promotions to bring people in to do it with you. Many people like it if you are constantly promoting it non stop.


Why is it frowned upon?

The reason why MLM is frowned upon is because of the method on how it is being promoted. If you happen to see someone you know promoting products that you never heard of before, and they promote it as being a life changer. The chances of that person doing an MLM business is high. To add on, not many people are interested in doing MLM business. The feeling of annoyance is there when you suddenly got a text message from someone that you have not spoken to in a long time, where the person is trying to bring you into their MLM business.


MLM are pyramid schemes

MLM is essentially a pyramid scheme. Although there are some MLM companies that are legal, there are some which are illegal. If a business requires a person to sell products to their friends and family, and they have to recruit people to do the same thing, it is called multi-level marketing, direct selling or network marketing. In a pyramid scheme, the person at the very top will earn the most money, whereas else the person at the bottom will earn the least or no money at all (if they can’t find new recruits).


However, it is to note that in an illegal pyramid scheme, the person does not have actual products or they are recruited to sell worthless products for a marked up price. So, the good thing about legal MLM businesses is where they sell things that are essential for people to use.



To sum it up, these are the reason why MLM businesses are frowned upon and not many people are willing to do it. But, if you are able to make it right, it will definitely be sustainable and successful.

There are many ways to manage your MLM business. With technology, you have mlm business software to help you manage and keep track of your business.

mlm business software

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Types Of Game Genres You Can Play


If you are looking into playing some video games in your spare time, but don’t know what kind of video game genres to get into, this article will explain the types of video game genres out there that you can play.


First Person Shooter (FPS)

First-person shooter, also known as FPS. Is a video game genre where the player plays the game from a first-person perspective. Typically, this game involves shooting enemies and other targets. There are many types of FPS shooter games out there. Most notably, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Call Of Duty, Apex Legends and so on. You can do more research on what kind of FPS genre that you are interested in.


There are many types of sports games that you can play such as NFL, NBA, FIFA and PES. A sports video game is where the game simulates the practice of a real sport. This game is perfect for those who just want to play as their favourite sports team or players.


Motorsports video games consist of different types of racing leagues in real life where players get to race in the video game in single-player mode or multiplayer. If you like racing games, this is the game for you. The cool thing about arcade racing games is that you can race with a wheel if you wish to do so, making the game like a racing simulator. Racing with a controller works just fine.

Online Slot

Now, this one is a little extreme if you are not interested in casinos. An online slot is an online casino game where users can play on a computer or on their mobile phones. There are many types of online slot machines to choose out there for users to pick the one that suits them. Simulated as a real-life casino, players get to play the games that they can get from a casino at the convenience of their own homes. They can play it anywhere and anytime. If you are looking to venture into online casino, try Pussy888.

VR Gaming

VR Gaming is a virtual reality game where gamers play on their virtual reality hardware. Typically, gamers play VR for immersion. In order to play VR, players must fit a head-mounted display, headset and controllers. There are many types of VR games that you can play. You can play FPS VR, Horror games VR and even racing game VR. VR gaming goes one step ahead of traditional video gaming.


Sandbox games are the type of games that offers an open world, open environment and non-linear gameplay. There are many single/multiplayer player games out there that offers this kind of experience such as Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead Redemption, Ghost Of Tsushima and so on. If you are a fan of this kind of games. You can consider going to the sandbox route.


So what do you think? What kind of games do you think you will be playing? To note, this is not the full list of video game genres. You can search more in Google if you would like to know more.


In Other Words, Why Do You Prefer Baccarat Over Any Other Casino Game?

This page contains helpful information for individuals who are new to the game of baccarat and would want to learn the rules. In actuality, it’s one of the simplest games to play, and with the appropriate guidance and resources, you can quickly master the game and start making money at the table. In order to get the most out of your time spent with the game, keep these key ideas in mind while you’re playing at the new casino sites malaysia.

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Always keep in mind the following rules:

To begin, each player is dealt two cards face down, one for each of their stakes. These two groupings are referred to as “the bank” and “the player’s hands,” respectively.

It’s important to know which of the two numbers is closest to nine while playing this game.

The tens and face cards (kings and queens) are awarded a zero value, with the remainder of the cards in the deck being assigned their face value as normal. 

  • In the event of a tie, players may place their bets on either the player or the banker
  • The total is reduced by 10 if the number of hands is more than nine.
  • Consider, for example, laws governing who receives a third card when one is dealt: the Bank or the player’s hand.
  • Whenever a player wins a bet on the Bank, they earn back the same amount they put in plus a 5 percent charge.
  • If a person wagers a dollar and wins, he or she will get an 8-to-1 return on the money they bet.

The elegance and seriousness with which baccarat is presented in those films should have been obvious if you’ve seen any of the James Bond movies that use it. As a result of its extreme restrictions and the fact that it’s played mostly by enthusiasts, this game is simple to learn and even has one of the best house advantages available on the internet

Why did you decide to make this game?

To learn more about the history of Baccarat, you may look up the word “baccarata” in the dictionary. This is referred to as “zero” in the local tongue. In the 14th century, the game originally became popular in France and Italy. Several sources claim that the French royal family favoured this specific card game. The popularity of this game remained despite France declaring it illegal in 1837. It was enjoyed by both commoners and aristocrats alike. A wide range of players have contributed to its success, and data show that it is today one of the most frequently played online table games.

We think baccarat is a great game for many reasons.

Many strong reasons exist for learning and enjoying this well-known card game, and they may all be found right here.

There are several reasons why you should begin playing this game right now, including the following:

new casino sites malaysia.

With some of the finest odds available online, baccarat is a casino game that both casual gamers and newbies may enjoy.

Players of all skill levels will like this game, while high-rolling VIP players will enjoy the opportunity to bet the maximum amount.

There are three possible outcomes in a game, and each has a different payout schedule associated with it. Before you start betting real money at a baccarat table, you need to know how the payouts work.

malleable iron fittings Malaysia

What are malleable accessories? Know All About It

Pipe fittings that are malleable are often constructed of iron. Electrical conduit and different plumbing connections are popular uses for these components. The name of the malleable item comes from the type of iron it is made with: white iron. It’s a fragile metal when it comes to casting. White iron is softened into one of three malleable iron forms during the annealing process.

Make The Best Choice

In the manufacture of malleable plumbing fixtures, blackheart malleable iron is employed. The dark hue of the malleable fitting is due to blackheart iron, and these connectors are frequently referred to as black pipe fittings. A malleable fitting may be galvanized to prevent the piping fitting from corrosion in specific instances. A zinc coating is applied to the fixture during the galvanizing process. The soft tube fitting is commonly threaded to make tube and fitting assembly easier. Hand tools and soft fittings can be used to make basic joints, while thread sealants can be used to make more critical joins.

  • For many years, the plumbing industry relied on malleable pipes and fittings until copper, PVC, and PEX pipes became more cost-effective. Galvanized malleable fittings are no longer used in home plumbing systems due to worries about contaminants such as zinc seeping into drinking water. While the flexible fitting is still used in high-pressure situations, current construction prefers to employ less expensive and safer pipe fitting solutions in other applications.
  • Modern malleable fittings are mostly utilized in the piping of high-pressure gas and steam lines for heating and industrial purposes. Pliable fittings and threaded tubes are ideal for making tight connections using hand tools and thread sealants. For the safe transmission of gases or steam, hermetic gaskets capable of withstanding high internal pressures are required. During the 1840s, the use of malleable iron tubes and fittings for steam transmission became fashionable in the United States. At the time, the malleable fitting was largely utilized in the construction of steam radiator heating systems.

malleable iron fittings Malaysia

Galvanized malleable fittings are often utilized in the construction of exterior electrical conduit. The zinc coating on the galvanized malleable fitting provides corrosion protection, which can damage conduit and expose electrical wiring. Galvanized iron pipe and fittings’ intrinsic strength and stiffness protect electrical wiring from physical damage caused by crushing or abrasion.

Fittings made of plastic and resin

The production specifications of plastic fittings, such as Rösler resin fittings, are identical to those of ceramic fittings. The entire process of making moulded plastic, from mixing to moulding to curing, is computer controlled and totally automated.

The plastic hardening of the mould is a key stage in the manufacture of a plastic moulding. As a result, the quality improves, which has an impact on the abrasive qualities of the formed piece. All production techniques are designed to increase the quality of resin fittings on a continuous basis, resulting in consistent and reproducible machining results.

Malaysia has the broadest assortment of malleable iron fittings on the market in terms of size and shape, as well as the highest quality. The use of vibro-abrasive machining technology with malleable iron fittings malaysia enables the surface finishing of details in virtually all production processes.