Month: April 2022

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Types of Gambling Part 1

Gambling is something that we all would like to try out at a certain point in our lives. From watching it on television to seeing it live at casinos in Genting Highlands or anywhere else, I’m sure it is something that we all would like to try our hand at. I can certainly say that I’ve been intrigued about gambling ever since watching James Bond play Baccarat in Casino Royale. So it’s understandable for people to be curious about gambling and what it is all about. Hence, allow me to introduce the many types of gambling there are. But before I begin, try your hand out at slots online in Malaysia to bet your luck. 

Gambling At Casinos

Probably the most common type of gambling that we can observe is the gambling that happens at casinos. There are many types of games that you can play there. 

Random Numbers

The first that can be found is a numbers game called Random Numbers. This consists of two types namely Bingo, Lotto and Keno. And you might be wondering why Bingo is considered to be gambling as you usually see grannies and grandpas playing that. All I can say is that don’t underestimate the elderly, their pockets run quite deep.

Gaming Machines

If you find yourself at a loss with numbers, have no fear, you can always try your hand out at gaming machines. Gaming machines are the second type of gambling that you can find at casinos. There are several types but the main ones are Pachinko, Slot Machines and Video Poker. All of these games, though different, are played on machines that look similar to slot machines.  

Games At The Table

The third type of gambling that can be found at casinos is games that you play at the table. Some examples of these games are Baccarat, Blackjack, Craps, Poker, Roulette, and Big Six Wheel. Among all the games that I’ve mentioned here, Craps is the only game where plates use dice to play. Baccarat, Blackjack and Poker are games that involve cards while Roulette and Big Six Wheel are games played by spinning a wheel.  

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These games are usually played with a dealer overseeing the game. These are the games that you often see people play in movies. They tend to involve high-handed players, and in high-class places, the minimum bet can even go up to millions. So, don’t be surprised to see people offering up their Italian sports cars and mansions at the betting table. 

Of course, apart from the games that I’ve mentioned above, there are several more that exist depending on the casino that you are in. These are just the mainstream ones that you can probably find in any casino.