8 Creative Web Design Tips To Boost Your Conversion Rate

8 Creative Web Design Tips To Boost Your Conversion Rate

What is conversion rate? It is the visitor percentage of your website. No specific benchmark for a reasonable conversion rate. Every industry has its own standards, depending on the kind of business model.

Are you struggling to improve your website’s conversion rate? Below are some creative web design services and techniques that can help you improve your conversion rate.

1. Video Landing Page

Landing pages are standalone webpages which are specifically designed to promote your services or products effectively. Until today, business owners utilize text and infographics in landing pages to get more visitors. However, it’s time to explore the efficiency of video landing pages.

A good video can tell the beautiful story behind your brand—something that will never be achieved by static images.

2. Keep everything simple.

Simplicity is a significant factor in generating website conversions. Make sure to incorporate a sound, simple and straightforward design. A basic design would help users understand your website content in a better way. This can deliver an efficient user experience, and can encourage users to convert.

3. Utilize the 8-second rule.

This is a rule of thumb in web design. You only have around 8 seconds to capture the attention of your visitors. You have a very short opportunity to convey your business message, so you need to do it in an effective manner.

4. Use huge, bold typography.

Huge, bold letters have always been a trend. Visually-appealing typography can improve your brand and your website. Why? They are easy to understand and read, and can get the attention of every user.

5. Optimize your website speed.

Website users are very impatient when it comes to surfing the internet. If your pages have slow loading times, then you need to do something about it. Ever second is crucial, and might lose you tons of conversions and opportunities.

Below are the free tools you can utilize to improve your website speed, and troubleshoot speed-related issues:

  • GTmetrix
  • KeyCDN
  • Sucuri
  • Google PageSpeed Insights
  • Pingdom

6. Achievement Counter

Web designers need to monitor lots of stats and numbers. Market yourself more by adding a catchy achievement counter in your website. This can help you establish your credibility, and foster the trust of your audience. In turn, it will help you improve conversion rate.

7. Utilize Negative Spaces

Negative spaces are imperative in every website design. These are white spaces containing no elements. This can be spaces between your content and their headers, and content and sidebars. Always utilize negative spaces in your webpages to establish call-to-action buttons which can increase conversion chances.

8. Consider Using an F-Layout

Researchers have recently discovered that users tend to scan the entire screen at an “F-shaped pattern.” This only means that a user’s attention span is at the topmost part of a webpage. Take advantage of this by placing catchy call-to-action buttons along that F-shaped frame.