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PATLITE is a diverse, multinational corporation that specialises in high-tech engineering and production. PATLITE, founded in 1947, is a leading manufacturer of innovative Signal tower lights, Signal Beacons, sound alarms, visual and audible communication network systems, Terminal blocks, Hoist switches, and solutions that improve workplace safety, security, and comfort. PATLITE is generally acknowledged as the world’s leading brand in the business, with over 1000 workers and wholly-owned sales subsidiaries in Malaysia, Singapore, China, Europe, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, and Mexico.

explore Patlite

The firm continues to broaden its product offerings and services to suit the increasingly complex demands of industrial automation, commercial, municipal, and governmental clients. Our optical, acoustic, and electronic experts have decades of expertise producing novel signalling solutions with exceptional quality and performance reliability, as demanded by the industry’s high and severe standards. The PATLITE product line is geared to improving quality control, efficiency, and safety in manufacturing operations. The company’s entire solutions assist the community and public sector to improve safety and security.


Hisato Takano, the CEO of Patlite, would like to offer my heartfelt appreciation for all of your continuous support and patronage. PATLITE was founded in 1947, and just a few years later, they succeeded in inventing the industry’s first high-performance micro-motor. Using this in-house engine, they began producing revolving warning lights (Patrol lights) in 1965.


The firm has provided rotating lights and signal lights for information transmission notification devices that are actively employed in many sectors by merging rotation technology with light, sound, and network technology. In 2017, we combined with the old Kasuga Electric Works Ltd. and entered the market for linked equipment. PATLITE has a 70% domestic market share by continuing to create distinctive products and solutions that provide new value while adhering to our business philosophy of “Safety, Security, and Comfort.” PATLITE was named one of the “Top 100 New Global Niche Companies” by the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry in 2020, and has risen to become the world’s leading firm in terms of market share.


PATLITE will continue to adapt correctly to key changes in society as full-scale digitization (DX) grows as a result of technical developments, and will contribute to solving customers’ issues by offering products and solutions for a new era. Furthermore, we will strengthen the business in abroad countries where there is an opportunity for expansion, and as a world leader in the signalling device sector, the company will expand into a company that is trusted and relied on by clients all over the world. 


With more firms being requested to implement active environmental policies, the Patlite Corporation has been involved in the creation of energy-efficient goods to fulfil the demands of consumers and the market from the beginning. Among these initiatives has been the transition from fluorescent to LED lighting. However, the environmental steps required by businesses are not limited to energy-saving measures, but also include the reduction of industrial waste, the removal of dangerous compounds from products, and adherence to severe environmental rules. To address these problems, the company established a defined environmental policy with aims and objectives, as well as a concrete operational management structure. As a result, the company achieved ISO 14001 accreditation in 2001 and have worked diligently to provide systematic environmental preservation. Thus, want more LED lights, go explore Patlite