SEO Copywriting for WordPress: 5 Simple Steps for Newbies

1. Communicate to a rightful audience.

SEO copywriting is not just about making a nice web design and published content. You must know and understand your target audience well. Even if your website is already getting a big amount of daily traffic, it’s still possible that your posts are not getting the traffic they should get. Make sure that you are reaching out to the rightful audience.

2. Update your pages regularly.

This is an important SEO copywriting tip for beginners like you. Learn from successful copywriters. They also keep their pages updated with fresh statistics, better solutions and new ideas. Remember, the online world is fast-changing and dynamic. New ideas are blooming every single days. Keep up with the times.

3. Conduct keyword research properly.

Keyword research is an important ask for all copywriters. In order to look for the best solutions, people type in certain keywords on search engine boxes. There are two types of keywords you must learn about–focus keywords and long-tail keywords. Make sure to research more on this before making any final decisions with regards to your WordPress blog. You can also use keyword research tools to maximize efficiency.

4. Don’t forget to analyze your competition.

Competitor analysis is a crucial task in SEO copywriting. To create amazing content that stands out from the rest, you need to know the content of your competitors. Understand their weaknesses, strategies and strengths. That way, you can learn how to be better than them.

5. Better Headlines

Headlines are the very first things people see on a web page. There are plenty of local SEO services in Malaysia that can help you with this. To attract more people, headlines should be catchy, attractive, curiosity arousing and appealing.