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What Are The Jobs That Are Slowly Being Replaced By Robots

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With more and more industries slowly making a shift to automation, it should not be a surprise that some jobs that you are seeing right now will face out in the future. As in relation to industry 4.0, we are already witnessing some jobs slowly becoming automated or hybrid (Robots + Humans).



If you haven’t noticed, you start to see that cashiers at the supermarket or a fast-food chain like McDonald’s are integrating digital kiosks into the working station. For example, there are self-checkout counters in Tesco alongside traditional cashier counters for consumers to use. The same goes with fast-food chains like McDonald’s. In the past, you order your food right at the counter. Now, customers order their food at the digital kiosk. On the bright side, they still can collect their food at the counter for the feeling of customer-worker relation. Additionally, even now at the cinema where you purchase your tickets at a kiosk. Those who wish to make their purchase at the counter can continue to do so, but they only accept cards.



Even waiters are not safe from the industrial 4.0 purge. Relax, most of the restaurants in Malaysia still need humans to work as a waiter. It is just that most implement the system where consumers order with a tablet, the waiter just has to send the food to the customer. However, there are some F&B outlets where they use robots to take orders and deliver food to the table.


Bank Jobs

Bank jobs have already implemented AI into jobs. In the past, in order to redraw money, you would have to walk to the counter to withdraw your money where the bank workers will count the money for you. Now, there is an ATM machine for you to withdraw your money. There are banks like Emirates NBD that have started to use personable robots at selected locations to help staff and to greet customers. Will we see machines fully replace humans in bank jobs? We shall see in the future.



Soon in the future, the job of receptionists will be obsolete as humans are slowly being replaced by robots. For example, there are some hotels in China where they put robots instead of humans at the counter to serve customers. In Japan, it is also the same as well. For example, Henn na Hotel in Ginza, Tokyo is mostly run by robots.



Last but not least, factory work. If you haven’t noticed, a lot of job positions when it comes to factory-related work are all being replaced with machinery. The pros of this are that there will be fewer work-related injuries and work will be more efficient.



To conclude, these are just one of the few examples of jobs that will be replaced by robots in the future. There are many more examples of jobs being replaced with robots. Will this change be a good or bad thing? We will find out with time.

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