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What’s In Store For The Future Of NFTs?

Non-fungible tokens (NFT) are all the rage now. Celebrities, influencers and working class people are all taking part in this huge movement. NFTs might just be the next equivalent of Apple products.


NFTs are one of the industries that have been a buzz in the past couple of years. NFTs and cryptocurrency might be the next best thing the world has seen. What exactly are NFTs? They are tokens that are unique in every way, shape and size. The token does not hold value like commodities such as money and cryptos. They are basically digital tokens that can be kept by their owners. 


As mentioned before, NFTs can bring a new age of the digital society. Although NFTs are still on the progress of getting integrated into society and other industries, it will reach its destinations sooner or later. 


So, what can you expect from the future of NFTs? Here are a few predictions of the future of NFTs. 

NFT latest trends
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PFP and Avatars NFTs 


In the history of NFTs, the profile picture and avatar NFTs are the most successful. The foundation of this project was first settled in 2017. You must be asking, why are they so successful? Well, having a NFT PFP and avatar indicates that you have an identity in the NFT community.


It is like a special membership card that allows you to locate other members holding the same community. Celebrities such as  Visa, Jay-Z, Odell Beckham Jr. and Snoop Dogg have NFTs as their profile pics on Twitter.


The app holds a huge community of NFT enthusiasts. So, having a NFT profile pic can attract members of this community. Fans love seeing their celebrities enjoying the same interests as them. So, having your own NFT as a profile picture is basically saying you have a unique digital identity. 

NFT latest trends

NFT Ticketing


As mentioned previously, having an NFT is like having a digital certificate that is unique in its own way. It might take over the world of ticketing soon enough.


Imagine you are attending the concert of your favourite artist. Soon, when the concert ends, you buy a concert t-shirt and keep the ticket. It is a reminder of the experience you had there and the people you met and partied with. The day will forever be in your memories, and you can reflect on it by looking at your ticket.


The same concept applies to NFT tickets. The only thing that is different is that you can keep it digitally forever, and it comes with extra benefits such as the artist’s signature, a special video and more. 

There is more for the future of NFTs. You should start to think about investing or making your own NFT. Who knows what the future has in store for us?. So, take that risk and invest in NFTs. You can check out NFT latest trends for more information. Let your journey into the world of NFTs begin, and let it be prosperous in many ways.