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It Is Perfectly Fine To Be Single

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You are at the age where you see your friends doing extremely well for themselves such as:

  • Getting a good job
  • Got their first house
  • Getting married
  • Got a stable relationship


Even though your life is pretty stable, somehow you feel that your life is stagnant as you feel something is empty. Could it be that you have the desire for a plus one? Well, do not feel the peer pressure. As it is perfectly fine to be single. Here is what you can do when you are single.



One advantage of a single life is that you get to focus on yourself. That is correct, when you are in a relationship, you may not have the time to do this depending on your partner. So, why not use this opportunity to work on yourself like improving your look, improving your self-esteem and so on. Just basically do what you have been wanting to do for a long time.



Another good thing about being single is that there is less drama. Sometimes, pictures on social media do not tell the full picture. You may see pictures of your friends posting lovey-dovey pictures with their significant ones. But there are a lot of problems behind the scenes. Unless you manage to find yourself a good person, then you should not worry about all the unnecessary dramas that you will be facing. So, in a meantime, enjoy your singlehood, because your life will change drastically when you are in a relationship.



The great thing about having sex with your significant other is that you get to enjoy the intimacy between the both of you. The emotional bonding, the communication, the touch and many more. Well, fear not. With today’s technology, there are so many things that you can use for self-intimacy – such as the use of sex toys. You read it right, if you are getting bored with pleasuring yourself the traditional way, there are sex toys out there that can give extra pleasure and offer the same feeling as having the real thing as well. You can get a variety of sex toys from Secret Cherry online sex toys Malaysia.



Look at the bright side, if you are always feeling sad that you do not have a partner. Well, think positive. Why? Because being single, you get to save a lot of money from any unnecessary gifts like “Valentine’s day”, “Anniversary” or “Birthday”. Splash the money on yourself. Buy the things that you have been wanting to get. If it makes you happy, then it is a good sign. Instead of spending money on them, spend the money on yourself.



When you are still single, make the most out of your single life. Be as wild as possible. Go to parties, swingers parties (not recommended), go out have fun and meet new people. Whatever it is, you may not be able to experience this ever again once you are in a relationship.

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Still sad about being single?