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5 Types Of Gamers

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Let us talk about gaming. Who doesn’t like gaming? Playing video games is a form of entertainment as it offers fun and interactive sessions to those who are invested in it. Besides that, studies have also shown that there are many great benefits of playing video games such as improving learning capabilities and preventing dementia.

So, gaming is universal and people of all races, genders and ages will definitely play video games. Due to the diversity of gaming, you are bound to meet all types of gamers out there with their own unique personalities. So in this article, we will go through 5 types of gamers that you will meet.

1.The Rager

The rager gamer. This gamer takes gaming seriously and they pretty much rage at almost everything. You make one small mistake, rage. You didn’t help them, rage. They die due to their own ability, they rage. This type of gamer is often scary to play with. As long as they do not start smashing Tvs or breaking stuff. They are good to go.


2.The Noob

The noob gamer. No matter what game they are playing, they can never get good at the game. Often, they are the ones who will die a lot in a PVP match, and they are the ones who will get scolded by the rager gamer. The noob gamer can be stressed to play with, in a competitive PVP match. But for a chill casual game, they are the best to play with.


3.The Gambler

The gambler gamer. This type of gamer will often spend a lot of money purchasing loot boxes or crates to try and unlock expensive weapons or skins. Besides that, they would also play online slots such as mega888 download if they want to switch things up as they feel bored from playing video games. Sometimes you wonder where did they get their money from. Anyway, it’s their cash, they can spend however they want.


4.The Pro Gamer

Next on the list is the pro gamer. When we say “pro gamer”, they are really pro. The pro-gamer actually makes a living by playing video games, where they actually attend major competitions to play against the best of the best. Due to their skills, they will also get sponsored by big companies. To them, this is not a job, it’s a lifestyle.


5.The Casual

Last on the list is the casual gamer. In contrast to being a hardcore gamer, the casual gamer takes video games to pass the time. They do not devote their time to become super good at the game, but they will still learn the basic mechanics of the game so they do not end up a noob at the game. They don’t take video games seriously as they play with their friends. Often, the casual gamer is good to play with. If you are a competitive gamer, maybe you should not play with them.



In summary, these are the 5 types of gamers that you will meet. There are still many types of other gamers, the 5 types we listed are part of the category.

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