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Types Of Game Genres You Can Play


If you are looking into playing some video games in your spare time, but don’t know what kind of video game genres to get into, this article will explain the types of video game genres out there that you can play.


First Person Shooter (FPS)

First-person shooter, also known as FPS. Is a video game genre where the player plays the game from a first-person perspective. Typically, this game involves shooting enemies and other targets. There are many types of FPS shooter games out there. Most notably, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Call Of Duty, Apex Legends and so on. You can do more research on what kind of FPS genre that you are interested in.


There are many types of sports games that you can play such as NFL, NBA, FIFA and PES. A sports video game is where the game simulates the practice of a real sport. This game is perfect for those who just want to play as their favourite sports team or players.


Motorsports video games consist of different types of racing leagues in real life where players get to race in the video game in single-player mode or multiplayer. If you like racing games, this is the game for you. The cool thing about arcade racing games is that you can race with a wheel if you wish to do so, making the game like a racing simulator. Racing with a controller works just fine.

Online Slot

Now, this one is a little extreme if you are not interested in casinos. An online slot is an online casino game where users can play on a computer or on their mobile phones. There are many types of online slot machines to choose out there for users to pick the one that suits them. Simulated as a real-life casino, players get to play the games that they can get from a casino at the convenience of their own homes. They can play it anywhere and anytime. If you are looking to venture into online casino, try Pussy888.

VR Gaming

VR Gaming is a virtual reality game where gamers play on their virtual reality hardware. Typically, gamers play VR for immersion. In order to play VR, players must fit a head-mounted display, headset and controllers. There are many types of VR games that you can play. You can play FPS VR, Horror games VR and even racing game VR. VR gaming goes one step ahead of traditional video gaming.


Sandbox games are the type of games that offers an open world, open environment and non-linear gameplay. There are many single/multiplayer player games out there that offers this kind of experience such as Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead Redemption, Ghost Of Tsushima and so on. If you are a fan of this kind of games. You can consider going to the sandbox route.


So what do you think? What kind of games do you think you will be playing? To note, this is not the full list of video game genres. You can search more in Google if you would like to know more.