The Types of NFT

Basics of NFT

NFT stands for non-fungible token. NFT is built using the similar programming as cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. However, that is the only similarity that they share. As the word states itself as non-fungible, it automatically means that the tokens cannot be traded or exchanged for one another. NFTs are usually used by artists and content creators to sell their art pieces to their customers directly. Once something has been set as an find nft maker malaysia, it cannot be exchanged with another product similar as the NFT codes are different from one another. find nft maker malaysia

The Different Types of NFTs

The specifications of what is considered a NFT is still not completely determined. However, there are a few common things that are popular in the NFT market, which are art, music, video game items, trading cards, big sports moments, domain names and many more. find nft maker malaysia

  1. Art is considered to be the most popular best selling in a NFT market. Artists can sell their art works online that includes art videos. There are many art works that have been sold for over 50 million dollars. 
  2. Music is usually considered a fungible for decades as the records have been distributed on records, cassettes, CDs, and digitally. When music is distributed in this manner, the musician typically only get a certain percentage of the money generated by the music production due to streaming platform cuts and record label cuts. That is why, by using NFT, the musicians can earn a larger portion from their music products and have a complete hundred precent copyright over the production. 
  3. When it comes down to video games, the companies will sell the special editioned items in the video game as NFT. Such as the special characters, and its powers. Most of the video game imems sold as NFTs are the limited edition items. 
  4. NFTs can be considered as digital trading cards. We all know about limited edition baseball cards selling for thousands of dollars, and the NFT market isn’t that different. Individuals can buy and trade virtual versions of trading cards on the market and keep them just like keeping the real thing. And, just like the real thing, some sell for over a million dollars.
  5. NFTs include things that must have a physical equivalent. NFTs can include memorable sports moments. There are short clips of significant moments in sports history, like groundbreaking slam dunks or game-changing touchdowns. find nft maker malaysia

6. The trend in memes have increased. That is why, there are many individuals who are included in some trending memes and these individuals themselves are the sellers of the memes. 

7. Domain names aren’t safe from the spread of NFT fever. You can register a domain name and sell it on the NFT market, and that comes with a certain benefit. Usually, you need to pay a third-party company to manage your domain name. If you buy one on the NFT market, you will be able to claim exclusive ownership of the name, cutting out the middleman. For more information, click here