What Benefits Do Architects Get?

I could consider architects to be the unsung heroes of this generation. That is because their jobs are so important, but they rarely get the recognition and praise that they deserve.

They are the ones that are responsible for creating those towering skyscrapers, some buildings, and your home is even created by following the design that an architect has created.

That being said, they do not get the same level of salary to that of a lawyer or a doctor, though there are some architecture firms in Malaysia that will provide them with fringe benefits to help compensate for the lower salary.

Today, I will focus on some of the benefits that architects can get.

Health Benefits

A person’s health is wealth, which is why it is important that architects get health benefits considering their line of work. Some architects would work for long stretches to ensure that the building’s design is top-notch.

In a salary survey that was conducted by Architect Magazine, most employers would cover 100% of their employees’ health insurance premiums. Though, there are some firms that will cover only 70-80%.

There are also some companies that will provide fitness subsidies so that architects can be healthy by going to the gym in their spare time. They are also offered family-friendly benefits as well, especially when it comes to paternity or maternity leaves.


According to a survey that was released by PayScale, new architects typically get an average of 1.3 weeks of vacation time. As they gain more experience in the field, they are also given more vacation time based on their seniority as well.

For instance, people who have more than 4 years of experience can earn a total of 1.9 weeks of vacation time, while those that have worked 5-10 years in the industry are given a maximum of 2.3 weeks.

Anyone who has worked for more than 10 years is given more vacation time, averaging at about 2.8 weeks per year.

Other Benefits

Because we would all have to retire at some point, there are some companies that would match the employee’s retirement contributions and would offer anywhere around 80-100% contributions as well.

There are also some firms that would hire new architects, as well as pay for their growth and development by giving them a master’s degree and reimbursement of education credits.

Disability coverage is also covered, though, not all companies provide such benefits. You can get a 401 (k) retirement plan is usually supported by most, if not all architecture firms.

Other less common benefits may include vision insurance, short-term disability, a pension plan, and even life insurance as well.

In more established companies, you are either given a smartphone, a car, a house, or all of the above.